Time as lost value in Helsinki metropolitan traffic is 0,5B€ to 1,5B€ a year (a tunnel vision)

Each day 150 000 workers commute to Helsinki metropolitan area and back. Each year 9M passengers take 2 hour ferry trip between Finland and Estonia.

How about if we can cut travel time from outskirts of Vantaa to Helsinki City by 20min during rush hour and cut 2h ferry trip to 20min. And value each hour to 15€. Assume there are 200 working days in a year. What we can gain?

Results (let’s call this current scenario):

  • Commuting 300M€ / year

  • Finland - Estonia trips 225M€ / year

So when we there is no fast train connections we as a society loose 525M annually just by sitting in cars and ferries instead of a bullet train.

What if the metropolitan area grew in the future and there would be 250 000 commuters and 50M trips between Finland and Estonia.

Results (let’s call this growth scenario):

  • Commuting 500M€ / year

  • Finland - Estonia trips 1 250M€ / year

What if we are slow to make decisions and postpone construction by 20 years (like not starting operation 2024 but 2044). To sum up loss in value:

  • Current scenario 10,5 B€

  • Growth scenario 35 B€.

What did I miss?

Please do acid test and take half off: still we are talking about quarter of a billion annually.

This is a view from Finest Bay Area Project to estimate societal benefits of the tunnel.

Screenshot 2019-01-17 at 11.59.08.png
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